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Wireless Solutions

Discount Telecom has years of experience with wireless technologies. Its use in businesses and organizations is increasing rapidly due to new wireless protocols that operate with more bandwidth, speed and increased security. Common uses include wireless internet, wireless peripherals (keyboards, mice, printers etc) and for connecting buildings though wireless line-of-site systems.

Wireless Internet - The new wireless N protocol (802.11n) is now available, and although it is currently not ratified, it is attracting speeds up to four times faster than the 'G' standard. This is one of the products provided by Discount Telecom.

Also very popular are wireless routers and access points by. Some models have two SSID's (Service Side Identifier) which allows an open wireless service for guests to your business and a second secured wireless connection for trusted employees. The advantage here is that this is controlled by one device instead of two. When you need wireless internet to be configured for your business or organization, call Discount Telecom for on-site assistance.

Wireless Internet over larger areas - when you need to provide wireless internet over multiple buildings or several acres, call us to discuss your project needs. We partner with companies that have made large scale deployments including hotel complexes and college campuses etc. Typical projects includes the installation of pole based antennas, control units and discreetly located access points.

Wireless Bridge - In some cases, it is not always possible or cost effective to link a building through an internet service provider or fiber optic cabling. In these circumstances, call us to discuss a Cisco wireless bridge for your network. It is based on line of site equipment and can be an cost effective solution.