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Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions

(VoIP) is a way to send voice conversations over an IP data link such as the internet. For businesses with multiple offices, this offers a great opportunity to link phone systems together with the goal being that each office can intercom each other using extensions, at no charge (other than the cost of the internet connection). When offices are in different area dial zones, this provides an opportunity to save lots of money on long distance charges. Even when offices are in the same area, it makes the transfer of calls seamless and a better experience for the caller.

For the remote office user or home user, just having an IP phone connected to a quality cable or DSL connection is sufficient and provides an excellent way of being part of the corporate phone system without actually being in the corporate office. The remote user can operate in exactly the same way and has the ability to make outside calls, transfer call and voice-mail etc.

Diagram - the best way to see how this is configured is to click the link here which will show you a diagram of a typical scenario.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, download the free software by
clicking the icon. You can the open the diagram and print it out.

Quality of Calls - there are several factors that will determine the successful deployment of a VoIP solution. One of the most important is the type of connection used. The method most widely recommended by the phone vendors is a point-to-point connection or an MPLS configuration (both are T-1 related pipes) where Quality of Service (QoS) can be implemented. Where budget constraints prevent the installation of this T-1 technology, there is the fall back of regular internet connections such as cable and DSL but these internet technologies have to be implemented carefully since QoS is not available.

Experience - Discount Telecom has deployed many VoIP installations in many different configurations. We know which methods work successfully and which ones don't. We are always looking at the latest technologies including SIP which is becoming widely used. A poorly thought through deployment can cause dropped phone calls and broken-up conversations. Avoid this possibility by contacting us to discuss your needs in more detail.